Gastrococktail bar
Drinks, Food & Culture
Balius es...

One of the best cocktail bars in Barcelona
A place to stimulate the palate, sight, hearing, smell and perhaps even the tactile…
Afterwork afternoons
Somewhere to have great drinks
A km0 restaurant (weekday dinner; weekend & holiday: aperitive vermouth, lunch & dinner)
A cultural space with weekend lunchtime readings and presentations organized by the bookshop Nollegiu
A film location for films and adverts
A bar team constantly stepping out of its comfort zone

A theatre
An excellent selection of tapas
International Jazz programmed by Pau Domenech
An eclectic music mix on Wednesdays in our Drugstore Sessions
Tuesday Open Mike Comedy
Quiet dinners with no price surprises
An afternoon meeting place
Excellent organic produce based on proximity and seasonal principals
Sunday Jazz Sessions with Balius Cotton Club

Electric weekend lunchtime aperitives and vermouths
A place where things happen, to you, to us, to life.


Open Mike

Balius comedy club live every Tuesday at 10pm. Gags. Stand up. Life...

Drugstore sessions

Drugstore Sessions on Wednesdays brings together an eclectic mix of music projects.

Literary Vermouths

How do you transform a literary vermouth events into something more, shall we say, off kilter? At Balius Bar we’ve got together with the bookshop Nollegiu. We’re in safe hands!

Jazz Concerts

Every Sunday, Balius Cotton Club: Our date with the best of internation jazz programmed by Pau Domenech


A simple

We love to have a drink in places where the protagonist is quality product and the conversation between friends. Where the music is present, but not the volumen and you feel comfortable and at ease. At the time we couldn’t find anywhere like that, so we created one in Poble Nou.
We wanted a place to have a great, laid back drink. We wanted fun, things to happen and life to pass through our bar. We wanted to eat quality tapas at all hours, and have drinks with their very own personality and character.

Balius Bar was a difficult transformation from a 4 year abandoned space into an elegant cocktail bar. We were very clear from the start we wanted to conserve the name and original sign of the old emblematic Balius premises that marked the founding of the wellknown hardware emporium in the 60s. We wanted a place that looked as if it had always been there right from day one. The opening of Balius Bar united the serendipity of being in the right place at the right time.